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Q. Where are the bikes made?

A. Every Trillion frame is carefully constructed using our production facility in Livingston, Scotland. This facility is part of the Liberty Cycles Division and is also home to Shand Cycles; a well established adventure bicycle manufacturer who offer some of the finest quality TIG welding and paint finishing to be found in the UK. Sharing this facility allows every Trillion frame to be hand built to the same superior level of quality.

Q. When will I receive my bike?

A. Each bike is hand built to order in Livingston which means that we will only begin cutting the tubes for your frame once your order is confirmed. In order to achieve this we generally estimate the delivery period to be 10-12 weeks. Of course, we will keep you updated at every stage so you know when to expect your new pride and joy!

Q. How do I buy a Trillion bike?

A. Trillion bikes are only available to purchase directly from ourselves and there are currently three options for doing this:

1) Frame Only – Purchase the frame with only the essentials included to allow you to complete your own build.
2) Build Kits – Choose one of our three carefully constructed standard builds designed to maximise performance in a competitive package.
3) Custom Builds – Work with our experienced team to create a build that’s truly unique.

Frame Only and Build Kit purchases can be made through this website using our online ordering system and paying securely through Paypal. Custom Builds often require a little more detail so are best completed either over the phone or in person. To arrange this please contact Russ on +44 1926 359632.

Q. Can I specify a custom geometry?

A. We offer stock sizes of our frames which are designed to fit as wide a demographic as possible, however, we recognise that sometimes there are exceptions to that rule. If you would like to specify a specific change to the geometry of your bike then this can be arranged for a small additional surcharge. To organise this please either select the ‘custom geometry’ option in the sizing on our online store or contact Russ for more details on +44 1926 359632.

Q. How will my bike arrive?

A. This all depends on what you’ve ordered. Complete bikes will be fully built and PDI safety checked by our VeloTech qualified technicians before being dispatched in a full size bike box. Partial builds or rolling chassis will be built up as far as possible whilst also considering the safest way to pack the consignment to avoid damage in transportation.

Q. Can I specify a custom paint job?

A. Absolutely! The staff in Livingston have a rich heritage in masking various colour schemes for customers and will be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements. For some inspiration on some of their previous undertakings please feel free to browse their Flickr feed. There is an additional charge for this service starting from £60. To arrange this, please contact a member of the team on +44 1926 359632.

Q. What torque value should I use for the Prime Dropout Bolts?

A. Trillion would recommend using a torque value of 20Nm to secure the two M8 dropout bolts on the Prime model. This value should not be exceeded.

Q. What is the minimum seat post insertion depth on a Prime?

A. The seatpost on a Trillion Prime must be inserted to a minimum depth of 200mm to satisfy the terms of the frame warranty.

Q. What size Headset do I need?

A. All of Trillion’s current frames utilise the X44 standard which is a 44mm top and bottom headset cup making it fully compatible with a tapered steerer fork. If you would like some recommendations on which component to use then please contact Russ on +44 1926 359634.

Q. Which Bottom Bracket do I need?

A. All of Trillion’s current frames utilise a BSA 1.5″ 73mm threaded bottom bracket. If you would like some recommendations on which component to use then please contact Russ on +44 1926 359634.

Q. Do you offer a crash replacement policy?

A. Every model from Trillion is extensively tested to, wherever possible, limit the possibility of seeing an issue in the field, however, we recognise that accidents happen and that sometimes your bike may come off worse for wear. If you end up in this situation then please contact Russ on +44 1926 359634. As long as some basic requirements are satisfied and you’re the original owner within 5 year’s of the original purchase date then we will offer you a 30% reduction on the purchase cost of a new frame. For more details see our warranty page.

Q. Can I run a longer fork/angle adjust headset?

A. All of our frames go through an extensive testing program which includes Finite Element Analysis simulations, CEN lab testing and ‘Real Word’ physical testing to ensure that our frames are safe for use by the general public. It is only once we are satisfied with the results of this program that we release a frame into the wild. As a result, we cannot guarantee how a frame would perform outside of the geometry that we have specified and, as a result, are unable to honor a frame warranty when fork length is exceeded beyond the specified length and/or head angle is reduced beyond that shown in the geometry chart.

Q. A rock strike has damaged my frame. What should I do?

A. Trillion frames make use of extremely durable grades of steel which should prevent many of the potential hazards from airborne debris on the trail. However, if you do end up in this situation then please contact Russ on +44 1926 359634 and we will do our best to advise on the appropriate course of action. We will do our best to help either way!

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